Tony liked video cameras. He had dozens of Hi-8 tapes, dating back to 1997. I've encoded them in Windows Media Video format. Apologies to Quicktime lovers and Mac users, but this was a real technical challenge for me just in one format.

To stream, just click the link. To download, right-click and Save As...

Watch this one first: Izno-collage: my tribute to the Izno-show


Shaving impressions

The Seinfeld orange


Brief song in the hospital waiting room

At the ranch

The giant pencil


Tony was friends with a famous artist named Steve Tobin. He had hours of footage at Tobin's studio.

-->Tobin sculptures, Tobin squeezes<--

The making of a MusicMatch skin

BMG drawings


Cocaine at MacWorld

Beach performance art with stuffed animals - hmm......


The world is always new (featuring Cosmo)

Tony was in a demolition derby


Portrait of the artist as a young man


Me, Tony and Anne at MusicMatch

Santa Claus lives in Grammercy Park.


Moving to San Diego / New Year's 2000

NYC tour with Sylvia

The bet - the dreaded quail egg

NYC apartment

New York food

Amsterdam biking

In da club - three girls and a fortune cookie.

Getting fired

The cleaners


Tony was also interested in the paranormal phenomenon of RODS:

Foxemb -=-=-Newcave -=-=-Cavemb-=-=-Caverod-=-=Caliemb-=-=-Birdsrod-=-=-Show