Carl Sagan Dream

It was me and Carl Sagan and we were traveling the big,
hollow waves between the swamps between the mountains. I looked
at him and knew we were in love. Our scuba gear was heavy,
but barely noticeable as our minds took in the broad, choppy,
still waves that looked and felt like transparent, cool blue

"I think this is a good one," said Carl, and opened a screen-door into one towering blue hill of water. We went in, I still don't know what the scuba gear was for, 'cause the hollow waves were full of air, but I never got a chance to find out because we quickly arrived at the ski lodge and Jacques Cousteau helped us take off the tanks.
"I invented zese," he said.
"They work great," I said, now knowing what else to say.
Carl winked at me.
Me and Carl and Jacques walked to the ski lift and put on the skis that looked like little snowmobiles. We zigged and zagged off into the frozen wastes.