music of the fears

even a minor chord is too much
like a voice, like an
affirmation of this time
better to have god strum
away some lives, whining
a harmony of extinction
no music will do but death knells
bang me into the ground
with this piano, open hell with
black and white keys, with hammers
make the demons scream at me
they have no ear, I can trust
their discord, meaningless as
last night's forgotten
nightmare, loud with dread
like the air in tonight's
humming familiar dream
this dance is like drowning
blundering in cacophonous
space the furniture toppling
harps shredding flesh like eggs
piano groaning metronome smashed
to splinters, not waving
goodbye good riddance
to all rhythm in blood
and shaking, quieting hand as
finally the Composer
inscribes a rest

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